Ancient Chinese city that went under water

In 1959 in Zhejiang province (China) came to the Qiandao lake. This area is filled with water for the construction of a hydroelectric plant. Note that sank two ancient cities, whose age is estimated at 1,800 years. In the era of the Eastern Han dynasty (25-220) in Zhejiang province were the districts of Chun'an and Suyani.

In 2002, the researchers conducted a few dives and said that the ancient buildings are well preserved.

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In 1959, in the construction of the hydroelectric power station of Chun'an and Sujani moved 290 thousand local residents. The water flooded not just the 2 ancient cities, but 28 villages and more than 20 thousand hectares of fertile land.
Look at flooded Chinese city.

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