How to behave in dangerous situations

Imagine that You were in a situation that threatens Your life, we will give tips that will help you get out of it with minimal losses.
Try to stay on your feet is the key to survival. As soon as You get knocked down, Your chances are greatly reduced.
In this case, if You can not immediately get up, you need to take a defensive stance, to pick up his feet and cover your head with your hands. You need to send the head in the direction of movement of the crowd to avoid being hit and try to get back to his feet.
In the event of a fire, stay low to avoid smoke and if possible, breathe through a damp cloth.

        Attack dogs
Should remain calm, do not shout, do not look into the dog's eyes, do not show anxiety or fear. Making sure Your security, it can lose interest in You.
Don't let the dog walk behind You. If she starts to spin around You, which is a sign of imminent attack, turn around with her.
If You have some object, for example, an umbrella, it is necessary to reveal ourselves to better manage your space and appear larger.

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