Lunar calendar grower for 2014

Calendar transplant – there is a very long time, and nowadays it consists of astrologers to identify the most favorable and unfavorable (infertile) days for transplanting and planting. The whole point in the moon's influence, but rather in its phases, and in which zodiac sign she is fertile or not.

The work of the gardener — gardener of April:

  • As soon as the soil dries out a bit, start digging and loosening of row spacing and tree trunks.
  • Need to be managed with the planting-transplanting trees before Bud break in seedlings.
  • The SAP flow has not started yet, but already you can graft the rootstocks, and in the fruit garden to perepisyvat trees in various ways: by coulibay, in the butt, in a side desperately.
  • At the end of April an important nitrogen fertilization. Under the trees and berry bushes make urea nitrate. And mullein, liquid manure (1:10-12).

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