Scientists believe that extraterrestrial life will be found this century

"We're gonna find alien life in this century." It is a statement made by the astronomer Seth Shostak of the Institute for search for extraterrestrial intelligence SETI. Like many other scientists, Dr. Shostak doubts whether discovered alien life in General, a question only in time.

The search for alien life, according to Dr. Shostak, is coming to an end and will end with one of three options. First, life in the form of microbes or other microscopic structures can be found all around us, on Mars or its moon Europe. Second, the probability of finding gas in the atmospheres of distant worlds that would be evidence of the occurrence there of certain life processes. Finally, we can receive signals from aliens with the help of special stations, like the SETI Institute.

This will happen within the century, says Shostak, and we don't have to wait until 2099. Future 25 years will give us enough time to probe the cosmic neighborhood to find at least microbial life. With telescopes like Kepler, we got closer to find planets suitable for life.



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