Dog hygiene or how to bathe a dog

To teach a dog to water, preferably in the first time to throw in the water to stick and give the command "Aport". Or you can enter the water yourself and call the dog over. In any case, you should not dip your dog into the water by force. Further, when bathing the dog, pay attention to keep the water was poured into the ears. As for bathing the dog in soapy water or with shampoo, then this procedure should not be abused and need to wash the animal, if it emits a bad odor, or when the coat is very dirty.

If you do decide to wash the dog, first and foremost comb her hair and remove tangles; otherwise, then matted wet hair — it doesn't unravel! Plug the ears with cotton swabs. In the eye, for protection from irritating shampoo, put refined vegetable oil. The shampoo you choose depending on needs. So, for regular care of skin and hair of dogs are well suited cosmetic-hygienic shampoos "Forest" and "Sea" for dogs with sensitive skin "Tender" (containing chitosan), for dogs with problem skin – "Peggy", to improve the quality of coat (for example, before the show) – "Pussy", etc.

Thoroughly wet your dog's coat out of the shower, then apply the shampoo on your head and rinse it, taking care that the shampoo does not get into the eyes and ears. Then wash the trunk and limbs. To preserve healthy skin, you must wash the dog several times to completely remove residues of shampoo. Then blot hair with a towel or if the dog doesn't mind, use a Hairdryer. Remember that for a complete drying of the coat can take several hours. So in cold and rainy weather, the dog, in order to avoid hypothermia and colds, after washing, should be kept in a warm room until it completely gets dry.

Remember: Most human shampoos for dogs are not suitable as they do for human skin, which is more acidic than dog.

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