How to build a simple "gym"

To begin to do at home, do not need special training equipment and devices, enough of your desire. Unfortunately, it is very shaky and the evening evaporates. How about a bit going to make a home gym budget, buy and prepare all the necessary for an effective workout? Besides, it will be quite inexpensive.

Every morning you promise yourself to work out, but in the evenings it seems not such a good idea: you should look for exercises without equipment, to create a program (although you can watch sports channels with the workouts on Youtube), and the conditions at home really something there, not to mention about atmosphere.

But, is there a way to make exercise a regular house: buy everything that is useful for practicing at home. And the conversation is not about expensive equipment, and it is available to every devices, which, moreover, after training, can be easily removed so as not to clutter the room. But it is better to leave it as it is, to a yoga Mat or jump rope accusingly looked at you when you miss a regular workout. Fixtures only five, but exercise with them — a great many.
Prepare the ground for occupations to Allocate a separate room for training — that sounds great, but unrealistic. So do not crush about the conditions, and just select the empty space in the apartment or to clear some part of it under the workout. There should be enough space for jumping (including rope) and stretching. Check the selected location: if you lie on the floor with arms extended over head with hands and nothing abusive, it is perfect. Well, if there is a free wall on which there are no shelves, pictures and other decor. Next to it you can do a lot of exercises without additional equipment.

Mat or rug doing on the yoga Mat, you are protecting your muscles and joints, its surface is soft enough to protect you from hardness wood floors or carpeting, even if you do exercises cardio.Just pick the right size, so the Mat covers the entire surface where you exercise. On average you get 500 to 1000. Well, if you have decided to adapt the gym in the basement of a private house with a concrete floor, you first need to lay a thick rubber coating.
Dumbbell is the best equipment when you do outside the gym is the weight of your body. And to somewhat enhance the workout, you can purchase small weights of 2-3 kg.
Jump rope This familiar from childhood with the attribute, in fact, everything you need for a home cardio. For example, 50 different exercises with the rope — there is plenty to choose from. I think with the purchase of the rope with no problems.
Rubber bands With these little elastic things you can do exercises on different muscle groups. They are quite inexpensive, so you can buy the whole set of expanders with different size and tension, and create a workout. That's all your home gym ready. Now you will have much more motivation still to start to do, and more variety in the process of training itself.



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