10 things you need to equip your house, when you become a millionaire.

Probably each of us dreamed that when he gets rich, make sure you can afford to buy a huge villa on the ocean. Is not it? When that day comes, you will need to equip it so that it has a unique and originality of the other high-end homes. The presence of some of the original elements will help you make an ordinary empty house elegant home rich. It remains only to find a way to earn money for all of this ...

Underground garage

Forget the garage as part of the local area. Now it is possible to realize the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčunderground parking with an elevator, which appears on the surface and hides back. To do this, press one button. These types of garages providing space savings and look very unusual.

Hill instead of stairs

Long elegant staircase handmade from expensive wood now no surprise. Do it for your kids fun entertainment and place the pile instead of the stairs. For myself, of course, possible to build extra something more impressive.

Luxury Home Theater

Today, for the rich it has become commonplace to organize a mini-cinema houses. They are often equipped with not only a good equipment, but also rows of comfortable sofas instead of seats.

swimming pool and a rooftop terrace

The best solution for the roof of the pool is to install equipment and a cozy terrace. Thus, realizing this decision in life, you can hold endless partying at home.
wine cellar

Are you a connoisseur of good wine? Then a better option than the equipment under the basement wine cellar, just imagine. He will surely be the subject of your pride and place of friendly meetings.

Golf Course between rooms

Golf - a sport of aristocrats and wealthy. Why not equip a platform for games at home? Yet as soon as possible! Play golf with friends in the comfort of your home.

Personal gym

To play sports, do not necessarily go out of the house. Almost all millionaires have a personal gym. Just most of them there are rare, as are constantly working.

A large picture window overlooking the ocean

If you are a man romantic, love space, sunlight, or you prefer the modern design solutions, then you should pay attention to the panoramic windows. Especially good looks such a large window when it is over the ocean.

aquarium panel under the kitchen

There is no comment. Photo speaks for itself.

Home Library

Excellent solution for millionaires who certainly have a lot of old and rare book editions.

Of course, there are many things that you can equip your home. The main thing in this case - a good idea, imagination, creativity, and the availability of funds to help make this all a reality.

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