5 tips: how to grow organic tomatoes

Tomatoes, in everyday life, are one of the main ingredients, sauces, salads, chutneys, juice. One of the best ways to enjoy tomatoes is to eat them fresh, never you won't find those delicious tomatoes that you grew yourself. Freshly picked, they have a unique taste, not one that we have tomatoes available in supermarkets. You can get plants from the seeds of the tomatoes. Seedling is the most economical way: sow tomato seeds (no more than 2 seeds per cm2) in small pots filled with soil, put in a warm and Sunny place, cover with foil and moisturize regularly (ideally to do spray). Ten days later, the resulting seedlings. After your plants are poorly developed (2-3 weeks after sowing), the moment of transplanting: choose the most reliable, place them in a large pot and place in a slightly cool place, similar to the future conditions of development. "Good seedling" has a height of 20 cm and the green foliage (no flowers ). Your plants turn yellow? May have exhausted the earth: it is time to transplant them into their final pots or larger. Here are five simple steps for growing from seed that will allow you to grow your own fresh tomatoes.


1.Next time, when you're cutting tomato slices for a salad, select from the seeds. Place them in a small glass jar and don't forget to fill it with water. Then cover it with plastic wrap, pierce a small hole. This will give access of air to the seeds and the water, which is very important and will effectively dissolve the gel-like material that surrounds the seed, and will also be useful to eliminate diseases transmitted by seeds.

2. Then place the jar near a window. Will be held from one to three days and you will see the dirty film on the water surface. This means the rest of the gelatinous material surrounding the seed. Carefully remove the foil with a spoon.

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3. Place seeds in a colander and wash. Not the end of the world if there is dirt and jelly-like substance, but it is advisable to remove them as much as possible. You can repeat this process until there are only seeds. my Young tomato plants can be protected from late frosts by covering the 5-litre bottles of water. To do this, simply cut the bottom. And it's easy to store!

4. Then take a plate, cover with paper towel. Put her seeds with a very thin layer. The idea is to dry them before they germinate. After these four simple steps you are almost ready to plant your own seeds of your favorite tomatoes.


5. Finally, take the capacity of reasonable size for the number of seeds. Fill it with compost or soil. You should put the seeds in soil to a depth of 1.3 to 2.5 cm of Water and cover with plastic wrap with holes in several places for ventilation. Find a bright location that receives at least seven to eight hours of sun per day. Tomatoes are very greedy plant that needs rich soil for growing. In the garden instead of chemical fertilizers and, if you forgot to bring the manure into the ground is a fairly simple way to feed a tomato farm. When landing, (bring gloves) tear a few leaves of fresh nettles in your garden or in nature. Put these sheets in the initial planting into the soil. Nettle is rich in nitrogen the tomatoes need it. These few leaves will feed the tomato during the first weeks. For planting, dig a hole (depth: 20-25 cm, diameter :25-30 cm) and prepare garden furniture for tomatoes. Pay attention to the grade. Cherry tomatoes can easily grow up to 1.20 m in height and will develop several branches. It is important to give him a big prop to support its growth. It can be as simple as wooden stakes or bamboo. Drive the first support in the planting hole -it will support the main stem. Can two or three other supports to put a little further.

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