What if the son keeps fighting

It is believed that the girls need to be restrained and quietly, while boyish "showdown" is in order. Often even parents say, "Come on, give the change, you're the man!"

But as it turned out, if your son very much often fights, proving in this way that he is a man, this indicates his lack of confidence that in adulthood, especially in adolescence generates a lot of complexes.


Thinking that "the whole world is against me," your child is struggling with this world. This setup suggests that your son feels himself as one in the field soldier, and this, in turn, that in your family there is a sense of security. And as all troubles come from the family, this could be big trouble.


If mom and dad don't push your child when he's scared, do not shout at him, do not suppress the feeling of security my son is present.If such care is not, there is a fear, feelings of depression, resentment at the world. This is all your son wants to get rid of with fights and squabbles. By the way, the child may differently respond to a sense of insecurity in the family: make out and become rigid. It's like 2 extremes.


It can also happen that excessive aggression and fights, is a consequence of excess energy. Hearing the house, "Sit quietly!", "Do not touch", "slow down", "don't shout" "Not food", the child breaks down when you are not around and you can't control it. You again he may become a real angel.

If you see that the son has the makings of a bully, burn it to the sports section. This will help to rid the sea of energy, with benefits for health and body. He will become more confident.


And be sure to take care of the child to feel protected and love.


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