What to do if hot water was turned off?


A couple of weeks in a year, the utility gave us a festive mood, turning off the hot water and cowardly notifying us about this tag on the door containing this harsh sentence. Such a small detail is sometimes the spoon of tar in a barrel of good summer mood. And it is not surprising that this burning question has highlighted in numerous articles. Offers several ways comfortable existence in this troubled period.

The first way is the "grandfather" or "grandmother", here it is as you like. The point is simple – heat the water in the basins and the pots and wash it, pouring himself out a bucket or a mug. One of the drawbacks of the "grandfather" of the method is the consumption. Electricity and gas — it is, of course, important, but the time to heat the water for bathing the whole family, will be considerable.

The second way is more modern. Try to take the help of friends or relatives living in another district or otherwise escaped a terrible year sentence. Of course, not be amiss to show gratitude by inviting the Savior with a return visit in a similar situation. The third way is a modern. If any secret sources you managed to scout the period off water in advance, it is not the worst way to avoid hardening of forced to be the planning a vacation for this period. Agree, it's nice to feel the warmth of the sea waves with the realization that someone now uses the previously proposed "grandfathering" method. So you will kill two birds with one stone.

Fourth method – get your subscription to the sauna, steam room, pool or gym, equipped with such a miracle of technology as a shower. Choosing the school in your district (even if in the other), consult with your system administrator whether showers and not disabled if they have hot water or not are there any plans in the near future disable. Otherwise, it might not be a very pleasant surprise.

Fifth method – solve the problem in the Bud. A radical solution to this issue is the purchase of a water heater. This will allow you to comfortably exist regardless of the whims of public utilities, after all, the real comfort is known in detail. By the way, the water heaters are of two types – electric and gas. Given the ease of installation and the complexity of the whole system, better to give preference to electric, although the choice is yours. Electrical devices in turn are divided into instantaneous and cumulative.



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