The warmth of the fireplace in your home

I guess many people dream of a real fireplace in your home. Here are just most often this is a matter in the high requirements of fire safety and housing and communal services. Today modern industry offers a variety of heating designs that make a great alternative to wood or gas devices.

So, it is possible to mention an electric fireplace. However, it does not get to enjoy the view of the living flame. Pay attention on the fireplaces used by man since the end of the twentieth century. Continuing the conversation, take another look at fireplaces, which are characterized by high decorative sides, so can easily function as the main piece of furniture that can liven up the space.

Due to the bright living flame, the burning inside the furnace of stainless steel, the rest around the hearth is characterized by its comfort. And the set design can not only in a private dwelling, but in a city apartment.

The fireplace is called the hearth, operating on such fuels as bio-ethanol. It is based on ethyl alcohol, which leaves no solid products of combustion. To install eco-friendly hearth does not require the chimney system, as well as volatile gases are not formed, and the alcohol decomposes into water and carbon dioxide. Particularly relevant are the fireplaces of this type in urban dwellings. They do not require complex care and are easy to install. Environmentally friendly use of construction confirmed by time, the device does not emit any harmful compounds. In order to burn fuel or use long matches or a special lighter.A basic requirement of care of a fireplace is a good and timely ventilation and compliance with fire safety.

So let's take a closer look at the rules of use of biological fire.

First and foremost, do not forget that you are using the heat of the fire, therefore, provide all necessary measures to eliminate the fire of the home. Design of this type should not be installed less than five feet from all flammable objects. In order for the device of the fireplace was steady, put it on comfortable and durable basis. During operation of the hearth be there, do not leave it unattended. Keep children away from the burning fireplace.

After you used the hearth, drain all fuel. In General, fuel should be appropriate supervision, as alcohol can ignite, store it properly. The main element is the fireplace heating unit, which is added to the fuel. To perform block manufacturers typically use stainless steel two-millimeter thickness. From the health unit will directly depend on the efficient functioning of the unit and the flame height.

Maximum unit height is seventy centimetres. In a container filled with ethanol and ignited either long matches or a special lighter.

Bioethanol used as fuel for the fireplace, differs in its composition, which includes some impurities. These substances, flame gets beautiful, gives Golden reeds and bright yellow hue.

Five-liter cans of alcohol usually lasts for ten hours of continuous operation design. If your home already has a traditional fireplace, but for some reason it is not in use, can be built in the furnace the burner from the fireplace and great use of the hearth.

When choosing fireplace for your home is usually guided by its decorative features, since the lesion takes the role of the Central element of the interior. While there are models that are indistinguishable in appearance from real wood-burning fireplaces, so most likely they are made. Of course, if your home is decorated in a modern direction, you can purchase a home in the high-tech style or modern style-art Nouveau.

Based on the weight of the structure, it is possible to allocate stationary and portable fireplaces. Usually first characterized by their large mass, the second very light weight and is easily carried from one place to another. Although, in principle, can move one and the other the hearth, as they are not tied to the Foundation and chimney system, not provided for in devices. Get acquainted with the basic models of bio fireplaces. So, the portals of the furnace represents the classic variant lesions. Placed against a wall or in a corner. For the cladding, using both natural and artificial materials. This can be marble or granite, ebony, veneer, etc. the Second option – lesions in the form of freestanding structures. Usually they are metal housing enclosed in a showy veneer.

Fireplaces in the modern direction. Unusual structures in the form of columns or canisters, transformers. Finally, the fireplace is a candle. Is small in size, made of marble, steel, aluminum and plastic. Despite the large variety, You will find a special option that will fit perfectly in the cozy home and appreciate the warmth of live fire.



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