Why smile prolongs life

Smile, suggest psychologists, this greatly extends the life. And smiles and smiles, not every give the desired effect. Changing a routine movement of a person in the style of "pan American" a sincere grin!

Psychologists from the University of Kentucky conducted a study. Testers gave the photographs of 230 major League players in baseball for 1952 and asked to divide them according to the degree of openness and smile. Came three groups – those who did not smile, "duty" and sincere smiles.

It turned out that less than all of the average living representatives of the first group 73. Those who smiled compulsively, in the style of "pan American" (it has long been observed that the flight attendants of this airline are smiling "teeth", but not eyes), lived longer – an average of 75 years. Centenarians were those who attributed to the third group – about 80 years!

It is certainly not in the facial expressions, and attitude to life. Optimists less likely to suffer cardiovascular disease, they have better immunity. Pessimists precipitated problems – they attack the virus infection, exasperated stomach ulcer, they have a case of nerves.
By the way, each of us has two types of smiles – psychologists have noticed that in the 10-month age children pan American smile smile to strangers and true – mother.

Source: www.gastronom.ru


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