In Detroit bus stop made from materials abandoned houses

For people who were forced to wait at bus stops in the rain or snow for hours on buses in a difficult situation with public transit in Detroit, where half the bus routes cancelled and a serious lack of bus shelters throughout the city, finally a glimmer of light "at the end of the tunnel." The project "Door Stop" hopes to make navigating the city a little more pleasant with attractive portable stops made from materials salvaged from abandoned houses.

In the insolvent city is more than just an abandoned house, but at the same time, he has also been a lack of bus stops, therefore, the developer Craig Wilkins (Craig Wilkins) invented to solve the problem, by using material from abandoned houses to make the stop for people waiting for their buses. Part of the materials were either donated or salvaged and collected, in order to create a comfortable temporary shelters, which have the property of portability to help with changing needs or routes. To make the stay interesting and fun, the artists have created unique murals at each stop.

The project even received an award from the contest of social design A Design and still many artists contribute to making the spot stand out. The only problem with such a great portable stop that some of them were missing. But with such wonderful patterns, you can hardly blame someone, that he wished it for himself.



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