Where to buy seedlings for suburban area

Definitely it is not a question to answer, a topic of serious conversation. I need to look for a trustworthy sellers disappeared for a long time, especially fruit trees: rootstock itself can grow, can buy and instill all by yourself – so true.

But there was a time when I was between market and garden center, not knowing what to choose. Not once, not twice bought seedlings died in the first year — just quietly faded away and all. More than once instead of the promised plants sold are completely different, and the conformity to the declared variety, I generally keep quiet!

So what to do — to put an end to the dream of your own garden or learn to instill in yourself? No! Even the most hopeless, at first glance, the situation there is a worthy exit. And places that sell plants, not so much — will look at each in more detail.
The market (open areas near roads, railway stations)
You know, many strongly advise you to even consider buying seedlings at the market. Supposedly there under the guise of the desired plants will present something half-withered, and sick, and unknown to the science class. You know, I have a different point of view.

For example, we have in the market is not the first dozen years of selling your own seedlings a retired agronomist plodopitomnik. The seedlings he's always strong, healthy, and on the wrong grade, no one complained. He does what he likes, and a pension derived from the sale, why would he risk the name, and income, albeit tiny?

This spring appeared on the market, another seller seedlings from a neighboring village. Every sapling he put the plate with the variety name, a photo of the fetus, its mailing address and phone number! Everyone offered to come to his mini-nursery, where you can choose a sapling that is still growing — he was dug up in the presence of the buyer, that there was no doubt of the freshness of the planting material. You know, the people eagerly purchased his trees.

Sure: almost in every village there are such enthusiasts, we need only look more closely. The only downside to this option, in my opinion, a limited number of species and varieties.
Garden centers
Most of them gets the seedlings from European suppliers. However, some centres are already cooperating with local nurseries, and the units even have a private area for the cultivation of seedlings.

If you want to buy seedlings at the garden center, you should use "word of mouth". Read the reviews on the forums about it, to ask the opinion of other buyers. A definite plus is the competence of the shop assistants and public information about the origin of the seedlings.

Some companies offer additional services – delivery and planting of bought seedlings, information and consulting support of specialists in the first year after purchase, the possibility of cashless payment and the cumulative system of discounts. Well, if the company cares about its customers, surely it is about his good name, too, not forget?

Unfortunately, my personal experience shopping in the garden center were unsuccessful. Purchased the tree peony seedling with closed root system. Country of origin — Holland. Soon after landing, one kidney started to grow, then stopped, withered and disappeared. All summer I watered, Pricedale from direct sunlight. For the winter hid so as not froze. In the spring and realized that all my efforts were in vain. To autumn I continued care, hoping that he was the root of the kidney and they can start to rise. When it became clear that the plant died, I dug it, and the roots found multiple nodular growths. It is obvious that at the time of purchase peony was already ill, and in the center I was assured that all the plants have passed phytosanitary control.

But reliable garden centers; friends for several years to buy fruit and decorative plants in one of these. Seek, ask, and you will find your.
Online store
In fact, this is the same garden center, only a virtual — to buy even get up off the couch not necessary) But personally I can buy only seeds: how to buy a plant when it can't even see? I need freedom of choice — I'm not one plant will be examined from all sides, yet does not like something.

Another disadvantage for the inhabitants of the regions – transporting purchases to their destination. If you choose Express delivery, the seedling is at the price of "gold" will be released. The average time of delivery from Moscow to my address is 7-10 days. I doubt that such a long ordeal accidental seedling on sorting platforms add to his vitality. Of course, if the store in your town, but there is still the possibility of ex – everything is simplified. And again – look for your online store. Look at the period of its existence, the number of subscribers, visitors, read the reviews about his work. As the saying goes, he who seeks will always find!
Nurseries plants
An ideal variant – purchase of a sapling from the manufacturer, directly on the trading floor of the kennel. And not dripping for sale and straight from the garden — a plant, which you liked on all counts. It would be good if the nursery had a solid term of work, made a good showing, and if he, moreover, is based on a profile of the scientific enterprise is what we need!

What good are the nurseries? A wide range of species and varieties of plants, skilled professionals, strong and healthy planting material, released to local conditions.

So, what conclusions follow from the above? Not to throw money away, you should treat the choice of place of purchase of seedlings seriously and responsibly. If you've purchased seedlings, tell us where you got them, and what influenced your decision to buy there, what are the factors? How successful was your choice?

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