The firewalk - a medical procedure

Our Ancestors used the element of fire for purification, testing the fortitude of recovery.

Fire is a living sensible substance, not in vain at all times to the Fire were treated as sacred in the divine manifestation. The energy of Fire, in comparison with the other natural energies of the elements, is the most powerful transforming quality. We can say that walking on coals is not only a powerful energy training, but a session of reflexology.
In practice of prehozhdenie Fire, diagnoses and treats the body at the same time. Minor spot burns, which usually disappear the next day after practice, indicate problems in a particular organ. Many people after walking on hot coals, healed from diseases, although this is not the main purpose of the practice.
The ancient practice of walking on hot coals, strengthens the will, psychological endurance, self-confidence. For many prehozhdenie is a powerful physical and mental jolt, a step to new challenges and changes in life. The feeling of joy and delight, a positive charge is stored for a long time after practice.
Practice gives you the opportunity to realize and to feel the unity with the element of Fire, Nature, World. Live Fire comes in contact with a person purifies his thoughts, energy, body and Soul. Open the person's inner reserves. Fire transformerait self-doubt and fear into power and desire for self-improvement. Not for nothing the ancient sages said: "the Fire burns everything – except the Truth."
No one who passed over the hot coals there is unlimited belief in yourself, a desire to merge with the forces of nature. Inside lit the fire of the spirit, Love and Joy. Waking up feeling happy! All this is nothing but a return to his real, his inner "I" that loves the world and is always in harmony...

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