Love and sex after forty life only begins


Currently, television and the media speak about it without false modesty. We often hear in an interview a middle-aged couple, a story about how nice to Wake up next to a loved one. Sex and love have no age, we can fall in love at any moment. Mature people are no exception. The secret of success in adult relationships in making changes that occur with age.
According to recent studies and surveys of sexually active women, forty and fifty years, more and more of them are looking for younger partners. Sex life is a key element of high self-esteem and psychological comfort.

New approaches
no need to be a great lover in the past to have a happy romance after the age of fifty.In this new phase of life you may find other approaches to sexuality that are different from those of the past. Sexuality in adulthood, helps to restore the will to live, to love being well informed and knowledgeable, free from social conventions and family.

Take changing body
To live a full sexual life when you are fifty, you have to adjust expectations: it is impossible to hope that the body, the same as in his youth, tireless.It is fundamental to know how to accept your body and to adapt to new sexual stimuli without fear. Taking care of yourself is very important, hairdresser, beautician, makeup and a nice dress will make you more confident.
No need to only see the flaws, because sexuality and passion based on the balance between emotional and physical factors. We should also try not to have unnecessary fears, they can put relationships at risk.
Very important if the partner has no expectations and demands, understand that you can't change it.


When a woman enters into menopause is not only physical changes, mostly psychological, with their mode of expression (anxiety, irritability, depression ...) the emotions of the female identity.If the first half of the sexual and social life was full, satisfaction may still be, the main thing — to accept the changes. If the decrease in hormones and vaginal dryness caused by menopause leads to the loss of libido— a simple conversation with a doctor who will prescribe an estrogen-based gel. If the problem also applies to the atrophy of the vaginal mucosa, burning and blood loss, even in this case, the doctor can eliminate hormonal problems. But the main thing is not to give up, and always talking about it, either with a partner or with your doctor.

for him the situation is different: the reproductive point of view is always fertile, although with age, decreases the production of hormones. However, changes occur slowly and do not interfere with sexual life. With age, however, men usually reach orgasm much earlier and ejaculation less. Sometimes problems with erections, psychological, or physiological causes. In these cases, you should not give up, you need to talk to your doctor, who may prescribe hormone therapy, but definitely avoid unauthorized take of the famous love pill.




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