Big baby, big problems

British researchers calculated how many sleepless nights conducted by the parents, by the time when the child grows up to 30 years.

It turned out that the average family receives more than 8 years of sleepless nights, despite the fact that most of the anxiety parents experience when the child is aged 18 to 30 years. More than a third (35 per cent) of parents worry more when their child is aged 18-30 years than in any other age. In total, on reaching the beloved child of the age of 30, his parents are not refilled 3096 nights, which equates to over 8.4 years.While 54 percent of mothers who participated in the survey believe that they "worried too much, but can't help it", only 34 percent of fathers feel that they are concerned about excessively.

0-11 — 5 sleepless nights per month (60 per year)

12-17 years — 7 sleepless nights in a month (84 a year)

18-30 years and 12 sleepless nights per month (144 per year)

31 + years — 4 sleepless nights a month (48 per year).



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