American scientists discovered water on the moon

Recently, the American space Agency made the latest a sensational statement! It turns out, as it has been well established by a group of American scientists, on the surface of the moon, which is a major natural satellite of our planet, there is drinking water.

A contributing factor to the formation of this unusual conclusion was the finding by scientists of a few locations with humidity levels that differ from each other is variable. Even greater confidence scientists brought a piece of detailed analysis of the molecular composition of drinking water discovered in the environment of lunar rocks.

Note that to conduct this kind of research Americans were involved in the Rover, whose main task for a long time is the study of the volcanic glass and basalt rocks.

Water on the moon and on Earth comes from one source , the Water contained in the lunar minerals, came from the proto-Earth, as found by a team of scientists led by Jessica Barnes from the British Open University. According to the theory of lunar formation the most common today, the appearance of the natural satellite of our planet was preceded by the collision of Earth with a celestial body, comparable in size with Mars. British scientists conducted a study of Apatite crystals (calcium phosphate), in samples of lunar soil, referring to the era of the birth of the moon.



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