Russia recognized the necessity of introduction of separate waste collection

Major cities, especially Moscow and St. Petersburg, recommended that the introduction of the introduction of separate waste collection, as well as the rejection of the construction of new incinerators.

Such recommendation was made at a meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of natural resources and environment.

According to experts, today, incineration is the most expensive method of waste treatment, destroying valuable resources and resulting in emission of toxic substances, including dioxins. Thus, the members of the Council supported the position of Greenpeace on the need to introduce separate waste collection in Russia.

To implement the necessary changes, we need legal amendments. Currently, the draft amendments to the law "On wastes of production and consumption" and other legislative acts submitted for consideration at the Cabinet meeting, which will take place on 5 June.

The amendments will concern the responsibility of the manufacturers. They can choose to establish a system of reception and processing of bottles, boxes, plastic, aluminum cans and other fractions or to pay the recycling fee (environmental fee). In addition, it is proposed to amend the Housing code, which will allow residents to choose between the removal of the mixed waste and separate collection, the latter will be more profitable for the residents.

The meeting noted that as the first steps to implement the collection of waste paper, as the most easy-to-implement and cost-effective element of separate collection.



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