Google will provide all corners of the planet Internet access

From Grand plans to cover the most remote corners of the planet Internet access, Google has moved to real actions. Just yesterday it was reported that the company has decided about the launch of 180 satellites that will provide access to the world wide web at any point of the globe, which now could not offer any Internet providers in Kyiv or any other city in the world.

Under this project, Google has already formed a separate division, the head of which put Greg Wyler, former founder and head of the company O3b Networks, which was recently acquired by Google. To help him in the implementation of the project will team O3b, which also came under the wing of the IT giant.

In addition to the above-mentioned team of specialists to work on the launch of the satellites will be also employees of the famous company Space Systems/Loral, known for its developments in the space industry. With them Google has signed a cooperation contract, the details of which are kept secret.

Technical information about the project cover of the planet Internet access, there is still very little, and we only know that Google is negotiating with the relevant organizations to permit the use of low-earth orbit, which is scheduled to be satellites.

The financial side of the question starts with a billion dollars, which is already incorporated in the budget of the company. But it is reported that they allocated only under the first part of the project, involving bringing the system to the implementation and launch of the first batch of satellites.

In the case of success, the project budget may be increased to three billion dollars, which should be enough to run all the planned orbital transmitters, which according to various reports, should be from 180 to 300.

The timing of the emergence of the world cover Internet connectivity, it is not called, but in light of the scale and complexity of the project, expect it in the next five years, not worth it. Most likely, it is the prospect of 2020-2030.




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