Top 5 striking examples of the incredible loyalty dogs

1. IV. The dog saved the woman partially paralyzed. The woman was driving the truck when the car stopped abruptly, there were flames and smoke, which quickly filled the cabin. Without help, the woman was not to escape, but she was able to reach the door and open it to her dog of breed a Rottweiler managed to escape. When consciousness nearly left Katie, a dog named Eve quickly grabbed his mistress by the legs and pulled out of hot cars. As soon as the woman with the dog was from the car for a few meters, the flames engulfed the car.

2. Elga. In the town of Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Russia, erected an obelisk, on which were the names of the dead police officers as a result of military action. And next proudly stands a monument to the dog named Elga. Shepherd served together with the conductor, Yevgeny Shestakov. The dog was in Ingushetia, and then went to Chechnya. It was she who saved the people in the first exploration – Elga found a banner with a hand grenade. In less than one month as it managed to detect a bomb in the gun. This discovery has saved the lives of dozens of policemen. Due to the fact that the dogs have to sniff TNT and plastids, guard dogs are losing their sight and so the life is not more than six years. Elga was blind as much as 20% but her service lasted for three years. Subsequently, shepherd was undermined on a mine, and then she was still alive, however, was very ill. Brave dog lived for 13 years. She put the monument in 2013.

3. Sico. The weight of this dog is only 5 pounds, but that did not stop her to become a true hero. The granddaughter of the mistress of SIKO played in the sandbox, when it began to approach a poisonous snake. The dog stood between the child and the snake. The girl is not hurt, and the courageous dog almost lost an eye due to a snake bite. The dog underwent surgery that saved the vision.

4. Dorado. Omar Edward Rivera's blind. He has a guide dog. In 2001, September 11, the dog rested next to the host on 71 floor. At this moment the attack occurred. Destruction, fire, circle of panic and chaos... Omar knew that he had no chance of survival, was OK with his fate. But at that moment he felt his faithful dog tightly holding his clothes and pulls towards the emergency exit. A blind man could do nothing but to trust to his four-legged companion. In the end, Omar was still alive and unharmed.

5. TRU. This dog is deaf and blind, however, this did not prevent him to save owners during a fire. The house in which lived the owners, the night caught fire due to faulty wiring. Mistress Katie Crosley and her son slept. Dog-disabled, birth defects, and besides had only three legs, felt trouble and got to the room where the mistress slept and woke her up. Housewife loves his faithful dog and says thank her with all my heart because she saved the life of her child and her.

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