How to choose the right lingerie color for the bedroom


There are several criteria on how to choose lingerie and the choice you can use them.
To start with the dimensions of bed linen. Knowing the dimensions of the mattress, blankets and pillows to perfectly pick out that what you need. Every self-respecting company for the production of sheets specifies the dimensions and all the extra information on the packaging thus helping to make the right choice. If the packaging of such information does not contain, and what you want to know, you learn from the words of the seller, please refrain from such purchases in order to avoid weight problems.

The other, as many believe a lot of important point is the colors and the design. At this stage of the choice all is dependent on you, your taste and most importantly mood. Many choose for the color of the walls, curtains, furniture, which is located in the bedroom. Easier is the case with children, they pick up just because there are many sets with cartoon characters, more heroes of children's films. Sometimes a big role plays the shroud that dressed the bed, if the bed is not dressed with a veil, the choice of bed linen should be taken more seriously and carefully.

Color selection — the color has great importance and effect on the subconscious mind even in the time of sleep. There are colors that just look good, calm, pleasing to the eye and, of course, raise the spirits. In our recent time is almost the most important.

People sleep equally well on linen with red poppies and mountain peaks all in the soul of the person who chooses the linen. Not be beautiful and not beautiful clothes it's all in the taste of each person. There are no duplicate fingerprints and taste are different.

Another important point is the material from which made bed linen. According to this criterion, you can choose, focusing on your personal feelings and the susceptibility of the organism. Many of us can't bear synthetics several other artificial materials, which is widely used at the end of the last century and many companies use these materials to this day. This can guide the choice of bed linen all presented artificial tissue can be cut off. Natural materials not so much it's easy to remember this: cotton, linen, silk. Almost all other types of tissues have different kinds of supplements.

Cotton — good quality material and at the same time not expensive. It is the bulk of bed linen. If it is very cheap it means that there are a lot of supplements. Selecting and buying bedding try to be very careful.

The effect of color on mood and mental state of a person already known. Anyone, for example, do not come to mind to paint a training room in fiery red color or arrange a doctor's office in the black. But these examples of generally accepted practice. And often we do not think that the interior may be the cause of the depressed state, family disruptions and even failures in the sexual life. Of course, we have intuition and most often the choice is made in the right direction, however, the scientists listen be useful. So before you buy new linens or to begin repairs, read a few tips.
* Overly sexually excitable and prone to betraying people, you need to have in the bedroom at least 2 elements green color.
* Women who want to have a baby, you should curtain window light blue curtain and attach the red bow.
* Shy and fearful of erotic experimentation partners need to lay linen emerald green, because this color excites the imagination and gives courage.
* For workers, suitable bed green color, and for people engaged in mental work, need to select bedding blue.
* In the bedroom in people who are overweight should not be elements of orange color, it awakens the appetite and even more difficult to resist the sandwiches after rapidly time.
* Dark Golden colour will help the partners loses emotional connection, to establish a relationship.
* Purple curtains combined with purple rug will add strength to the tired partner, and a lamp with a red lampshade will help to tune in to love fashion.
* Brown accelerates the aging process, so it should not be used when making the bedroom.
* The couple with limited sexual experience in the bedroom can be colored. But the bedroom people who have been married for many years, should be two, maximum three colors.
* Partners who are bored with normal everyday affection, needs to arrange a bedroom purple color, and then their proximity will become more spiritualized.
* Prone to frequent quarrels, the partners should be avoided in the bedroom light yellow, orange and bright red in color and surround yourself with dark blue or dark yellow.
* The bedroom is white with many green elements and flowers should be arranged for spouses who can not "get used" to each other.
* Bed linen and soft pink colors will make you visually younger and more attractive that will not go unnoticed by your partner

Very favorable image **butterflies** in the interior. They stimulate the emergence of romantic relationships, increase revenue, and are one of the symbols of magic. In addition, butterflies are becoming very fashionable part of the decor.The Chinese practicing Feng Shui, it is recommended to decorate with butterflies bedroom wall to enhance a romantic relationship that would add fresh impetus to the sexual life of the partners and lead to the fulfillment of a cherished dream

**Sakura** — the constant symbol of youth and attractiveness to the opposite sex.

Dreams are caught in the **feathers** and staying in the bedroom, continue to dream

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