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A great tool that activates hair growth, recognized as red pepper. Its pungent varieties contain a substance capsaicin which irritates the hair follicles, accelerating them in metabolic processes. Blood flow and saturation of bulblets nutrients is more active, making the hair grow faster and thicker, and the loss of it slows down considerably.

Selling a lot of cosmetic products for hair, which manufacturers administered extract of red pepper. In the home of this useful spice, you can prepare an effective mask to strengthen hair, give them strength and beautiful Shine. We offer a few recipes for regular use.

Firming mask for hair with tincture of hot pepper Prepared pepper tincture you buy at the pharmacy. But the miracle mask is still needed raw egg yolk, a couple of teaspoons of honey, a choice of burdock or castor oil (enough for 1 table. spoons). Pepper fluid will also need a tablespoon. All components connect in a pot made of stainless steel and heated with intensive stirring in a water bath, the mask should be warm. Then it is applied to the curls, they are hidden under a shower cap, then under Terry a hat or scarf. Stand at least an hour, ideally 120 minutes. Wash with shampoo that is rich in protein and herbal extracts.

For dry hair, in this composition, it is advisable to add the oil of bitter almonds or olives. For oily — broth nettle. You can try to enter in this mask a little brandy — invigorating properties will be even greater.

For faster hair growth Take a dessert spoon of red pepper, crushed to a powder. Connect with 50 grams of liquid honey, thick, but then melted. The principle of action is the same as in the previous recipe, only in this case, the mixture can be hold on the hair is not that long, 30 minutes will be enough. After regular (2 times a week) applications this means there is feedback on the growth of the strands 5 cm in just 2 months!

The remedy prevents hair loss For application on strands mix the mask ingredients for this recipe: 30 ml pharmacy pepper tincture and 1.5 the table. L. colorless henna. This burning "cocktail", adding 1 table. L. warm kefir or homemade yogurt. The composition of the coated strands on the entire length, rubbing the root area carefully. Hair pick up, tightening the harness, if long, and under the plastic cap. Wash a vehicle in 45 minutes.

Mask with pepper and burdock — the beauty and softness of the curls Cosmetic do this: pour into a small bowl spoon burdock oil, put the dishes in large size container with boiling water. After 5 minutes in the butter, you can add tincture of red pepper, there for volume a couple tablespoons of a nourishing balm (or serum) to the hair. The mixture is applied to the scalp, distribute on the hair. After 10 minutes, well washed and dried hair naturally. After this procedure, the hair becomes soft, supple, obedient, look great.


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