10 simple exercises for firm Breasts



Breasts can be made more attractive with the help of simple exercises for chest muscles.

Girls sometimes overly try to make attractive stomach, legs and ass, but that's about chest and arms forget.


Exercises for chest muscles, watch the posture. Raise your head, straighten shoulders, then the chest immediately tightened up, and with it will rise to the mood and self-esteem.

Each exercise repeat 8 times. Make 2 approach.

Exercise # 1.
Stand up straight. Raise your hands at chest level, palms folded as if you're praying for. Push as hard as you can with palms facing each other within 10 seconds.

Exercise # 2.
Stand up straight. Hands move, as when swimming breaststroke: pull forward, and then dilute to the sides.

Exercise # 3.
Extend the arms forward, make a fist, quickly cross your hands and spread them in a horizontal plane ("scissors").

Exercise # 4.
Put your hands on your head and pull your elbows towards each other. Repeat 10 times. Then pull the elbows back.

Exercise # 5.
Place your feet apart, arms extended, palms turn up. You can hold dumbbells in the hands. Rounding your back, turn your hands inward so that the brush described a full circle. Pull in stomach, keep your head straight. Return to starting position.

Exercise # 6.
Stand face to the window, to step away, put your hands on the window sill. Slowly perform a push-up by bending the arms and touching the Breasts of support, but not bending at the spine.

Exercise No. 7.
Stand two feet from a wall, stretch your arms forward and fists push against the wall.

Exercise No. 8.
Stand straight, slightly bend your knees. Raise your hands through the sides up and cross them above her head. Then again arms out to the side. You can perform the exercise with dumbbells.

Exercise No. 9.
Bend forward at a 90 degree angle and do hands flapping to the sides.

Exercise No. 10.
Put your chin on a clenched fist. Creating hand resistance, push on the fist with his chin, as if wanting to put it down. 5 seconds of pressure followed by 5 seconds relaxation.

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