Work at home impact on children's ability

Scientists from Colorado have determined that active recreation significantly improves the performance of children at school. In this case, the more time the child spends under the open sky, plays sports, even just reads, the more he is able to set myself certain goals, and then independently to achieve them without any adult assistance. Directly it affects the most positive way on the academic achievement of the student.

These types of children's activity relates to the least ordered, less structured, you might say. More organized forms of activity such as music lessons and homework, on the contrary, did not develop in the child the so-called "performing a self-governing function," in other words, the ability to solve independently the tasks. In this case, school performance in these children is reduced, and that the conclusions of the researchers.

The conclusion is the same – if parents need their children to study well in school, then they, that is children should stay outside much longer. Playing outdoors is good, because it helps to set goals, achieving them, and it's extremely important to be in tens of years.

Developed performing a function for children not to yell in anger, greatly improves performance and also promotes physical and mental health. This greatly affects the child's life, lowering the risks of committing crimes, and in addition, even increasing material prosperity.



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