Dogs can communicate with wolves

Expert experts one well-known scientific publishing houses of the West yesterday, a statement was made about the end of the study, researchers from the Institute of modern technologies Tokyo and Kyoto, have established that dogs with wolves can communicate with each other.

They stressed that in most cases, communication between predators and simple dogs has a visual character with the transfer of information through sight.

Scientists have also noted that transmission of information is greatly influenced by such fundamental factors as the shape of the eye pupil and radoznali shell. According to other scientists who are colleagues of the Tokyo experts, all these factors absolutely play no role in the communication system between the two four-legged members of the family.

What colors animals see the world At the present time it is believed that dogs see the world only in monochrome, which allows them only to distinguish the different brightness levels. Recently, however, Russian scientists obtained experimental data allow to make a conclusion that dogs can distinguish some colors. This discovery was made by scientists of the laboratory of sensory information processing at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Russian scientists continued the research of Jay Natta from the University of Washington who has studied the ability of dogs to distinguish color. He argued that members of the family Canidae, having only two "cone" the color space, rather than three as in humans, and can distinguish only two colors – blue and yellow. Russian scientists continued the research of Natta, suggesting that dogs can distinguish shades of these colors.

In the experiment involving eight dogs of the leaves with different shades of colors were placed over the bowls of food. Specialists of the RAS and printed four sheets of paper: dark yellow, dark blue, light yellow and blue colors. For example, dark yellow sheet was attached over the bowl with the most delicious for dogs of food raw meat. Animals were familiar with the contents of all of the feeders and the connection with the shades of color of the leaves. After three approach dogs learned to accurately determine by the color of the manger in which lay the most delicious food and immediately went to dark yellow sheet. As a result of experiments, scientists concluded that dogs see blue and yellow, but there are different shades.



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