Six years of living with the wolves

The couple, Jim and Jamie Dutcher (Jim and Jamie Dutcher) spent six years living in a tent in the woods among a pack of wolves in an attempt to understand the way of life and the nature of these animals.

They lived without electricity or running water, in the most primitive, savage, conditions, without leaving the place, even in winter, when in the woods of Idaho cracked almost Siberian frosts. Judging from the photos made by them and after published for the site and the media, they were able to establish a very close with the wolves, almost familial relationship and look to where few of people possible.

Many wolves flocks of Jim and Jamie knew from puppyhood, themselves helped to nurse, and their eyes they have grown and become mighty Mother of individuals, but mindful of human kindness and good attitude and reciprocate.
Spouses have witnessed scenes shift leader, promotion pack members in the hierarchy, which in wolf society plays an important role, as well as witnessing the male wolf almost humanly mourned the dead his girlfriend, expressed as shown people grief and sorrow from her loss .

 - Wolves are really afraid and shy away from people - says Jim - This is a very intelligent animals. They are very difficult to shoot close-up, get close, if you are a stranger to them. We managed it only because wolves began to trust us after a long stay with them in their natural environment. We have these wolves had such a close relationship, which is only between members of the pack. And it will last a lifetime.

 - We have acted, given the conditions of the pack and is not suitable for them, if they do not show that it is not against our presence. Every morning we walked to him, leaving the tent and they greeted us, welcoming, like the members of his flock. They whines and licked our faces as we shake hands when meeting, and then all went about their business.

-We Have never tried to dominate the pack, and these wolves in turn have never tried to force us to accept their dominance. So between us all as neutral.
-Poyti Wolves have made it a strong negative attitude that There is in relation to the wolves among the people, 'continued after Jim, his wife Jamie - Most people feed them bitter hatred, but we wanted to show them that it is not so scary. All this anger comes from old fairy tales and myths, where everything is much exaggerated, but there was a time when wolves and humans lived together virtually.


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