Heat increases the risk of formation of kidney stones

Experts say that hot weather promotes the formation of kidney stones.

Researchers from Children's hospital of Philadelphia analyzed data from 60,000 patients in several US cities with a different climate, trying to find a connection between the high outside temperature and kidney stones. Researcher Gregory Tasian says: "We found that, with increasing daytime temperatures, for the next 20 days, there is a rapid increase in the number of patients diagnosed with kidney stones".

When the average daily temperature rose to 10 ° C, the number of patients increased in all cities except Los Angeles. Urologist Tape: "These data indicate the potential effects of global warming on human health". Doctors believe that higher temperatures dehydrate the body, which leads to increased concentrations of calcium and other minerals in the urine, and this causes the rocks to grow.

Source: nauka24news.ru/


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