Alarm clock that will Wake you up with fresh coffee

Hard to get up in the morning? And terrible the sound of your alarm clock (beeps, rings, rattles) not only contributes to the revival, but on the contrary forces us to burrow deep under a warm blanket in order not to hear.

Well, as for example, about a Cup of coffee in bed? It is quite another thing? Really? Designer Elodie, Delassus, made this dream a reality. He invented a new kind of alarm clock and called it the CoffeeTime (time for coffee). This alarm clock can work wonders. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, which he publishes, in the opinion of the designer, not only will Wake the person, but will also force it to rise on their own.

By the way, after conducting certain experiments, the researchers found that for optimal waking, the body requires at least half an hour.

And what could be better than slowly growing aroma of delicious coffee, brewed quietly in front of you, and you can even make a stand directly above the bed. So, in a strictly specified time, the aroma of a fresh Cup of coffee wakes you up in just a few clicks for programming this wonderful alarm clock.


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