How to travel in China—tips for beginners

Many here claim that the Chinese gave lovam better not to meddle, and they are wrong.

Yes, even for a seasoned traveler China first produces very depressing, because who knows absolutely nothing. It is not used. In fact, having a basic knowledge of the English language, in major Chinese cities feel much more comfortable than any English in the same Moscow, St. Petersburg, and even further.

There are plenty of signs in English, working googlecart, there are a lot of sites for a foreigner with detailed descriptions, how to get there. In the end, the Chinese themselves, if you speak the language, you are ready to be worn, as with a written sack. Choose young, or even children! In China English is taught from the snotty nail almost from the first class. I have not once had a situation when you had to explain with the older 7–year-old kid. And successfully!

Then I heard all sorts of stories about hotels. Just want to dispel. Hotels in China are in unimaginable numbers in every hole. Sometimes a completely unexpected hole. To reserve them it is necessary on sites and Book hotels on the Chinese phone number and your name WITHOUT ENTERING the CARD AND PAYMENT. Prices vary, and often do not reflect the quality of the hotel. It is a fact.

If you are a backpacker and you do not care at all, I recommend a very good network of hostels, YHA, Youth Hostels, they are the same.
It's really cheap and good hostels, sometimes not as good as normal hotel. Are all more or less interesting points of the PRC, there is always a very good crowd and the staff, even in the middle of nowhere, very reasonable prices for good food and buhat, and a lot of useful information about the area.

Aircraft are booked on the same and The first is a dealer of Expedia and even accepts PayPal. There's a dog discounter flying from Shanghai a lot, and often for some even frivolous price. There are ways to book tickets for a normal flight discounts via pure Chinese services, but you will be worn out.

Trains to look at Pay attention to travel time (not all high-speed trains, there are still many Soviet), as well as to the station from where depart and where you arrive.

For example, South station, Guangzhou — 广州南站 where 广州 — Guangzhou (city name), 南 is South, 站 — piece from the word "station". The last hieroglyph often do not write, because, well, blasphemy, so it is understandable that station. Almost all stations in China are called the cardinal directions. No Belorusskaya and Paveletskaya. Therefore, to understand simply. Known to me exception 上海虹桥站 and 深圳罗湖站 in Shanghai and Shenzhen respectively.

The distance between the stations North and South can be absolutely unimaginable! Find out exactly where you need to go, and I will pay for a cab more than the train ticket.

With buses all the sadder, although it is quite normal. Only some bus stations have a sane websites with directions and schedule. So here or via the local, or station to find out already.

Google–maps support routing, in China on public transport! Not everywhere, but sometimes it helps greatly.

more bitching from lifehack about hotels! Sometimes it happens that the hotels do fuck do not need. If you are a couple, but rather is a drunk and a pig, as I think about how to live in the BATH!!!

1. In China, all baths public. Well, nothing! They were far ahead of the Soviet analogues and are a huge bath–Laundry complexes with lots of pools and steam rooms, and a large number of high-quality free service.

2. Baths in China is 3-5-7 floors. This big houses where in addition to wash, and eat, and sleep, and to drink, and pomassirovti, and get a haircut and play a game of Billiards, sit and the Internet, and what it can not.

3. The entrance to the bath is some fixed amount. Typically from 400 to 1000. And this is the entrance on the day!!! Which is more in principle, you can never have to pay and stay there until morning, Paiva ass and paparua bone, but fresh in the morning to dump in the desired direction. Unlike hotels, checking out code, no, the day comes when you are given a bracelet.

4. The bracelet is your contactless wallet. Packed clothes and valuables in a drawer and go everywhere bashlyat this bracelet. And here gently!!! Baths earn additional service and earn in horse. You can stick a bracelet on the value of a 5 star hotel. So always look at the price list!

5. Free baths all do not participate for more people. Ie, bathe, soak in the pool with tea or fish, to sleep, to stay online with their techs, to smoke free cigarettes. In short, like in a normal hotel, only bigger tub, and neighbors with you in the room live.

It should be noted that in areas where you sleep — and sleep there at such a hefty folding chairs, it's not worse than the bed — supported peace and order. Violent kick.

In some baths there are free restaurant. Sometimes with a great selection of great food!

In General, Chinese in bath to go. Not necessarily to live there. But I like sometimes to crash. This is beneficial for money and good quality, and additional services on hand.

It looks something like this:

Parks in China
Even in the rotten village infected with Ebola will always be just a great Park! Even small, but often the size of a good forest. And everything in the Park will be licked to heaven is perfection, every stone will not lie just so, each bench will be washed, each track paved with tile or rubber asphalt. The Park will be the mountain paths, clearings, basedoc, ponds, waterfalls, mostakov, ladders and mounds, even if around a bare stone plateau, flat as a table.

Park in China is a kind of City Hall and Comunity Center. Where people gather for all sorts of things. Yuuki Dedkov engaged U–Shu, the children learn to skate on roller skates and bikes under the supervision of instructors, people runs kites and fireworks, young people fucking and thumps, the musicians something to play, activists hold some meetings and workshops, athletes run and jump, sell sell any food, but there are always a few places where you can salatnitse with the tune up in the morning to the chirping of nasty birds.

Speaking about China, it is impossible to avoid the topic of food. Food is the second most important thing for any Chinese in my life, besides money. Although these two vectors are actively fighting in the Chinese soul for a championship. Most likely, about the food we have to write a lot and for a long time, but here's for starters technology of production of instant — the second the importance of food in China, after Mifune.

Saw stupid on the street, as dough is prepared the noodles. Blunted for half an hour. Some movements from martial arts, he twirls kg 5 test and so, and syak, and overhead and polupodvale until it produces the longest such normal Chinese noodles. Mesmerizing. As fascinating is their ability to handle a wok. Th–there fry, then saw on the meter threw up again fry, and from the gas burner flame on two feet up))

Scary fun with a visit to the restaurants. If you live alone and go to a restaurant alone, you feel like a moron. At first order the first and second and there are 10 people to feed it. Long and tedious I was looking for a restaurant with a human, not clonacion portions...

But everything changes when you go to the cafe crowd of 10 people. Then Yes, ordered the press all on this spinning table, and try something you have in your right mind would never have thought of. Here tofu, for example. Properly cooked, it is divine and melts on the tongue.

The entire restaurant culture of China is tuned to the walking crowd.

And the ordering process is cool, too. In Yao Dziga Vertov, Dziga heh, heh Dzyga, Hao Le. The order ends.
Uighur restaurants
It's a mixture of Uzbek and Northern Chinese cuisine. It's just the orgasm, which is not ashamed to tell the boys. To distinguish these institutions is possible by the Arabic script on the sign and the green color of the signs. Even the ugly — looking hole is the temple of gastronomy and pozhiratelstva. But it is better to come to a good restaurant and ordered, among other things, a hefty chunk pizdataya lamb on the bone, which must eat meat, dipped in red sauce! Yes, it is eaten with your hands, and give special plastic gloves.



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