The main characteristics of male Gigolos

Modern women with their persistence and hard work trying to make themselves a living. Women create their businesses or have successful careers. The era of strong women gave rise to weak men. In the usual sense of a gigolo is a man who lives at the expense of women. A man runs dry calculation, and he lives at the expense of a successful woman. In our days the number of men living at the expense of women, has increased significantly. Victims of Gigolos can become not only wealthy and successful ladies, but trusting good women, who do not believe that they are being deceived and used for selfish purposes. Psychologists say that the network gigolo get women with low self-esteem, and in this way they seek to increase it. Very often Gigolos cheated middle-aged women who want to look younger next to a young attractive man.

Men — Alfonso most often are young infantile people with large appetites. There are domestic Gigolos, who just want a place to live. This is the easiest type Gigolos. But such men, as a rule, do not work and do not want to look for a job. They have where to live, what to eat, to educate them is useless. Such men are constantly complaining about the injustice in life. Household Gigolos can help a woman to look after children at home. This situation may suit both. Women near Alfonso can even feel happy in family life.

A very different type is the male gigolo of the classical type. This is an ambitious man with big ambitions. Getting acquainted with the women, this man has one goal to find a rich woman that would have him contained and solved all the problems. Life on the content of rich women gigolo opens up great opportunities. Typically, these men are professionals in love Affairs. This type of men can seduce and fall in love with the woman as well knows the psychology of women and all their weaknesses. Modern male gigolo can use a woman to build her career. Typically, these women choose Gigolos over thirty years who divorced or not married. If a woman lacks mens attention and care, she quickly falls under the influence Alphonse who care. Once the woman is ready to do everything for the sake of such men, usually followed by heartbreaking stories about the grievances, the lack of money and the like.

To determine whether a man is a gigolo or not, you have to know the basic characteristics of such men. The first trait is stinginess. Gifts of such men do not require high material costs. The man never pays for purchases at the store or a meal in the restaurant.

The second feature obsequiousness and generosity. Alphonse anticipates all desires of women constantly love you. All the time take money in debt, promising to return necessarily. If you are able to take quite a large sum of money, a man disappears from a woman's life forever. Alfonso never appoint a date on its territory, don't invite women to his home. Any woman, deceived by the gigolo can't then call it address.

The third peculiarity can be attributed to impeccable and neat appearance. Good manners, and a particular style of behavior Alphonse's help to win the heart of women. Parting with Alphonse dramatically reduces the self-esteem of women. Such lessons in life are very expensive then the cost to women. Getting acquainted with men, they must be very vigilant in order to avoid unnecessary grief and frustration.




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