Night, August 11, above Ground ascended super Moon

On the night of 10 to 11 August, the Moon is as close in its orbit to the Earth, and the inhabitants of the planet will be able to observe an interesting phenomenon — the supermoon.

Supermoon is one of the options of a full moon, which happens 13 times a year, told the publication, "Today," senior researcher at the Main astronomical Observatory Sergei Smirnov.

The moon's orbit is not a circle but an ellipse. Due to this, the satellite can approach the planet or away from it.

"When the orbits come to the closest, at the time of the full moon, we see a very big moon — this is the so-called supermoon. This phenomenon will be observed on 10 August," — said Smirnov.

The moon will be well to consider if the weather is clear — it will look like a third brighter than usual.



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