The habits of the people who just love surrounding

Personal promotion through social networking is perhaps a good way to establish yourself with a professional point of view and to build a network of professional contacts. But no matter how you try, your profile with the social network will never be able to fully convey all the charisma and the outstanding characteristics of your personality.

Napoleon hill, author of the popular bestseller “Think and grow rich”, in one of his essays has described the habits of the people who just love the surrounding.

As an example of such a prominent person the hill turned to the personality of Charles Schwab, industrial magnate in the production of steel. Thanks to its outstanding personality, Schwab was able to make a path from simple laborers to Manager with an annual salary in the $ 75,000 and regular bonuses in the form of the sums with six zeros (astronomical numbers for the time).

Boss Schwab, the famous entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie, spoke on the work of his subordinate: “the Annual salary paid to Schwab for the work performed by himself, but the millions in bonuses were a reward for what Schwab, thanks to its outstanding personality, forced to do others.”

The magazine BusinessInsider gives a list of 14 habits, described by hill enjoyed by people with outstanding personal qualities that make others to follow us:

1. They create a positive mental attitude and charge them others it is Always easier to be a cynic and a pessimist. But such an attitude is not easy to achieve success and gain good reputation. But a positive attitude, on the contrary, significantly contributes to the achievement of these goals.

2. They always talk in a respectful, friendly tone Such men are always sure of what they say. Therefore, their speech is calm and conscious, which gives it a warm sound.

3. They listen carefully to their interlocutors Communicating in an arrogant instructive manner is a great way to satisfy one's own ego, but it is a disastrous path for those who want to please their interlocutors and to establish friendly relations.

4. They can maintain composure in any situation emotional reaction, both positive and negative, can create about a person bad impression. Remember that silence can often be much more efficient to convey information to the interlocutor, rather than full of negative emotion words.

5. They calm the Relevance of words and actions is one of the most important qualities that people love and respect others.

6. They are unbiased and open People, closed to new ideas and supportive relationships exclusively with like-minded people, missing the opportunity to not only personal development, but also an opportunity for professional growth.

7. They smile, talking with other hill argues that the most expensive property of the American President Franklin Roosevelt was his gorgeous million-dollar smile. She involuntarily forced his interlocutors to be more open while chatting.

8. They know that it is not necessary to voice all your thoughts Such people know that it is not necessary to offend people, expressing all their thoughts even if these thoughts and truthful.

9. They don't like to procrastinate Procrastination is an indication that you are afraid to act. Which in turn is an indicator of your lack of effectiveness.

10. They commit at least one act of kindness every day They help others without expecting anything in return

11. They do not complain about setbacks, they extract lessons from them People admire those who are able to take advantage of and to survive failures. Successful people are thankful for a portion of the wisdom of life, which would not come to him if they never had to deal with failure.

12. They treat your companion as if it were the most important person in the world the Most favorite other people use communication as a way to learn all of the interlocutor, so they give him a chance.

13. They know how sincerely, without flattery praise of others They do not miss opportunities to praise others, but do this only when the praise is really deserved.

14. They have people whose opinion about their own shortcomings, they listen Successful people do not pretend to please others. They like the other what is really. One of their secrets is that they constantly work on their behavior and reputation. And the presence of a person pointing to their weaknesses, helping them continuously to continue the process of personal growth.


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