The largest steamer on solar energy in the Aegean sea

The world's largest ship powered by solar energy — "PlanetSolar" August 11, went to underwater archaeological expedition in Greece, in Eastern Peloponnese, AFP reports; it is also known that the ship has already crossed the Corinth canal that connects the Ionian and the Aegean sea.

"In the framework of the project "TerraSubmersa", a group of Greek and Swiss researchers will carry out within one month of the immersion near the grotto, Franchthi known as a place of prehistoric habitations", told AFP Professor, Geneva University and head of the expedition — Julien Beck. "The peculiarity of this grotto, that it was inhabited for about 35,000 years, from Paleolithic times to the Neolithic, and we have every reason to believe that the dwellings of the people of the late Neolithic period was somewhere nearby, in an area that today is covered by water," said the specialist. "If we find the settlement, it can prove to be one of the oldest in Greece, and in Europe also", — he added.

PlanetSolar, which was made in 2012 to circumnavigate the globe using only energy produced by solar panels, had previously taken part in other scientific expeditions. This time he will make the company a steamer belonging to the Greek Center for Marine Research. PlanetSolar sailing under the flag of Switzerland, and its captain is a Frenchman Gerard Aboville. The ship is equipped with solar panels 825, which is located 38 000 photovoltaic cells, covering an area of 537 square meters, and moves at an average speed of 7.5 knots (14 km / h).



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