Scientists have found a way how to slow down aging of the cells of the immune system

An international group of scientists has made progress in the study of correlation of immune system with aging, and developed innovative drug to slow down the aging speed of the cells of the immune system. The results of studies of British and Spanish scientists revealed in the latest issue of the journal Nature Immunology.

Earlier, the same group of scientists found that T-lymphocytes are controlled by special molecules, mitogen-activated kinases, which are characterized by inhibitory effect on the protective function of lymphocytes.

In the new work, the authors paid more attention to the inhibitory action of p38 MAPK by use of medication. Scientists made the discovery that the old T-lymphocytes can be restored by blocking p38 MAPK. Consuming special preparation, you can exclude some parts of the chain, at the same time affecting T-lymphocytes.

Drug therapy T-lymphocytes improves the energy functions of the cells and even renew their ability to reproduce. Scientists have long recognized the relationship of aging with reduced levels of immunity. The elderly are more susceptible to cancer and viral infections, not to mention the low efficiency of preventive vaccination.



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