Family relationships or what love is

Not those happy couples who have made marriage and family relations conventionalism physical intimacy, and those to whom all this without false modesty and hypocrisy in joy.After played wedding, it was the end of the first year of family life accumulate problems associated with a lack of understanding.

Experts on family believe that a full human life is to accomplish satisfaction of the four needs. Such needs include physiological, cognitive, emotional, and explaining the meaning of life. It should be borne in mind that these needs are common to all, but that's how they met each of us, there is no uniform standard.

When we talk about the feeling that binds a man and a woman, then we have to have in mind not so much deep understanding, affection, support and, of course, love how the emotions of joy and happiness that overwhelm them to the point of physical intimacy. But, unfortunately, the reality does not always live up to these expectations. This usually happens when young people are not taught, and therefore do not know how to explain to each other their own desires and preferences.

The theme of physical intimacy not only newlyweds but also for couples with experience, is considered the most difficult. When partners in marriage are not enough words to Express my feelings, all this leads to misunderstanding each other. As a result, a beautiful dream about physical intimacy in marriage fades and turns into a boring marital duty.

However, there are couples who are in marriage and family relations managed to overcome the obstacle of shyness, but out of place in the marriage of silence in order to work together to begin the difficult and at the same time joyful learning the art of love.

Scientists dealing with the problems of the family, in its conclusions, noted that for men during intimacy are incredibly important is the fact that full involvement of women in what is happening between her and her husband. It is extremely important for a man only because he feels an emotional connection with a woman, forming in this response the wife's emotions, the very notion of their manhood to be able to deliver partner pleasure.

Men in answers to questions scientists believe that this process does not depend on the power nor from the experience of men. It is all about the ability of men to be in marriage and family relations tender, to create their partner in the mood in which she feels loved.

Very interested in the opinion of men in the responses to question scientists about what kind of women is able to bring happiness to a man the greatest pleasure. The vast majority of men felt that it was not the most experienced, but only the one who, discarding the stiffness and infinitely trust the man feels completely safe and in this regard, able to not only understand, but also to Express what she needs. This is the case when the experience is not entirely essential, as the man in the arms of such a woman would feel happy.

It may seem strange, but scientists have found that many women think about love more than it would have wanted to confess to her husband. Just a property of their nature is that the husband himself took the initiative.Question about the initiative in marriage plays that role, when the couple through mutual claims try to obtain evidence that the feelings of your partner is deep enough. But one should not exclude the fact that in marriage and family relations of two loving people no pretense of false modesty and hypocrisy. Therefore, not only to love, but to wish a loved one should not be conditional upon the norms of sanctimonious morality, when you do not need to be considered, who first gave the signal. It is important at such moments that the relationship was for both full.

Experts on the family believe that the doubts in building their marriage and family relationships for many pairs related to the fact that physical intimacy is the only means to disclose the depth of their feelings. When here they have failed, then in the future, the couple diligently adhere to traditional roles.

If a woman, as a partner to a marriage of uncertain feelings of a loved one, if she found it difficult to Express their wishes, fears, and then claim, then it disappears, and the desire to make the first step to intimacy. Usually women in these cases just hiding behind the traditional role of being passive, waiting for the husband to "win" her. Thus it is important to get the actions of the husband evidence of his love for her or her absence.

Itself, such verification may be false. Men, especially before old age, as to be willing to take the initiative, although, unfortunately, with his sense steadily fades away, leaving the habit. In marriage and family relations when so close there is not only heat, but also joy and even more passion. In the end, to each of the spouses comes a sense of dissatisfaction, and often disgust.

But it also happens that the man who for some reason refuses initiative, although loves his wife and is waiting for certain signals from her side.

It happens more so between spouses when they, entangled in family and marriage relations, thus losing the ability to explain, under a blazing rush of physical intimacy happens to them the restoration of openness and trust. But it's a wonderful mutual understanding happens with the marriage couples really close, if their married life had some kind of disorder, and both sides suffer from this.

The reasons of a sociological nature, has a devastating impact on marital and family relationships, should be attributed primarily to such obvious factors as: no apartments or walk-through room, where at any moment can enter. Very annoying, especially newlyweds, the thought of how restless a child, financial difficulties, problems at work, the workload of household duties. Unfortunately, all these concerns and reasons for not encouraging free happy love.Since ancient times, people have an understanding that welcome children, are happy. From a scientific point of view it is proved that the fetus is experiencing the same emotional state as the mother.

When she is calm and happy, and the child is calm. If she's sad or scared, and her child responds appropriately to these emotions.

Woman is not deprived of love that motherhood is a source of pride and that the state of motherhood in the eyes of the beloved becomes more expensive, reports child information of joy and happiness.

The woman, suffering from loneliness, feeling that the pregnancy ruined the hopes to be together with the father of the child, their thoughts and experiences traumatize the child's psyche. Contrasting different words whisper in mother's ear newborn babies.

Happy mother, convinced that her baby dearly waiting for, invests in a whisper of joy and jubilation. And completely different words from the mother about which there is no one to take care which with painful anxiety thinking about who and how it will meet the house.

Although the baby does not understand the meaning of which is, in the words, but it feels great, the tone turned to him with the voice and, of course, a warm, heartfelt atmosphere that enveloped by loving people. He also feels the joy that he brought parents from touching him. The mother in a state of happiness every movement caresses the baby and thereby confirms that he is beloved and desired.Differently, behaving mother, deceived in their expectations, abandoned by man. A great sin when it is part of their bitterness and bitterness spreading on the child. There are cases when it is difficult even to look at him. And where in these situations you may receive tenderness?




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