Ortoreksiya — how dangerous an unhealthy passion for healthy eating

It is no secret that a healthy lifestyle fashionable today. Proper nutrition and exercise are certainly worthy of praise. However, to go too far, worrying about their health, and not worth it.

Recently one can often hear the term "ortoreksiya" which means excessive enthusiasm for healthy eating and excellent condition. But for the first time about her talked about as obsession with perfect nutrition.

It can occur, for example, in the rejection of fried foods, foods with certain substances or eating only raw food. Ortoreksiki clearly follow some important rules are followed. This can be chewing food a certain number of times, the obligatory soaking fruits and vegetables in water before they eat. Moreover, the violation of these rituals may be the reason for serious remorse, irritation and bad mood. Such people often impose their way of eating to others. Sometimes, even sever relationships with people for the reason that they do not share their "sound" views.

Usually ortoreksiki not limited to healthy eating. Running, fitness, yoga or other physical activity is a mandatory component of their lives. "But this is normal!" – you will be surprised. Of course, normal. But for people here come to the fore, some not invented by them rules they "nosebleeds" are obliged to adhere. With practice they can before exhaustion, naively believing that it will benefit their health.

Experts believe that the obsession is one of the manifestations of neurosis. Therefore, people who are in network ortoreksii, it is not easy to get rid of it. Because they do not understand that fixated on certain things and doing something wrong.

There are ways of getting rid of an unhealthy passion for a healthy life.

Psychotherapy. The doctor carefully listens to the man, then gently points out to him on his problem and leads to thoughts about his delusions.

The auditory training. This special self-hypnosis when the patient learns to control his emotions and actions at will. Anger management technique you can learn after 3-4 visits to the specialist.

Reflexology. Great for relieve obsessive-compulsive disorder, however, it is usually used additionally along with other methods.

Medicines. In some severe cases, a neurologist prescribe a course of therapeutic drugs. Usually used tranquilizers and antidepressants.

Of course, to take care of your health needs. And clear criteria as to what extent this should be done does not exist. However, if the idea of healthy living has turned into obsession, and relationships with others because of this have started to deteriorate is a reason to seek medical attention.

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