The rituals that are relevant to the present day (11 photos)

I present to you a compilation of rituals that do not belong to the harmless, but on the contrary, an extremely painful and violent.


Aghori Baba, who live in the city of Varanasi, India, famous for the fact that eat the dead. They believe that the greatest fear of man - is the fear of his death, and that this fear is an obstacle to spiritual enlightenment. Eating dead - you can get rid of the fear and get on the right path of enlightenment. There are five types of people who can not be cremated according to Hindu religion, holy, children, pregnant, unmarried women, people who died of leprosy or snake bites. These people are given the sacred river Ganges, where later they pulled out and ritually consume Aghori.

Sun Dance

Native Americans have been known to perform numerous rituals in honor of the spirits of the land. Rituals are a great means of communication with the spirits, and self-sacrifice - means maintaining direct contact with the Tree of Life. Rite enter into direct contact with the Tree is as follows: the skin on the breast skewer pierces the participants that the rope is attached to a pole, represents the Tree of Life. The participants move back and forth, trying to escape, while the skin of the chest was still connected with the post. This dance can last several hours.


Followers of Shia Islam carried out the ritual of self-flagellation mass each year during the holy month of Muharram to commemorate the martyrdom of Hussein, grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. The men mistreat their bodies blades attached to chains. In the state of religious trance, they almost do not feel pain.

Jumping with vines.

In the village of Bunlap, which is located on an island in the Pacific Ocean, performed a ritual called Gkol. This ritual is a kind of precursor to bungee jumping. Villagers sing, dance, some beat drums, and some men are preparing for the dangerous jump. They tie the vines around their ankles and jump from very high wooden towers built specifically for this ritual. The participants of the ritual, apparently not much concerned about the chance to break the bones. They just jump and fly upside down. It is believed that the higher a person has started, the more he will get the blessing of the gods.

Wood and spiritual domains.

Followers of voodoo rites can be found in some parts of West Africa. One of the ceremonies is to take himself as a kind of vessel, any other soul or spirit. The photograph is connected with the spirit of the Earth, Sakpata. Spirit takes possession of the body, but the person remains conscious. After the ritual, the spirit does not leave a person 3 days.

Celestial burial.

In Tibet, the Buddhist practice of the country a sacred ritual called Jhator, or celestial burial. Buddhists believe in the cycle of rebirth, which means that there is no need to preserve the body after death, because the soul is moved to other areas. The bodies of the dead taken to betray aerial predators like alms. To get rid of the body as quickly as possible, a specialist cuts the body into pieces and distribute it in the area, to be devoured.

Fire walking.

The festival is held in Penang, Malaysia. One of the rituals of purification involves walking barefoot on burning coals. It is believed that the fire repels evil influence, enhances virility and helps to get rid of evil thoughts. To this end, the lights go on hundreds of people.

Dancing with the dead.

Famadihana, which means "bone rotation", is a traditional festival that takes place in Madagascar. Participants believe that the faster the body decomposes, the faster the spirit of reaching the afterlife. So they dug their loved ones in order to dance with them to the music around the grave, and then rebury them. This bizarre ritual takes place every 2years -7 years.


The annual Vegetarian Festival in Phuket, Thailand, is a very dangerous ritual that requires participants to pierce their cheeks with swords, knives, spears, hooks, and even weapons. It is believed that during the ritual of the gods of their body are introduced into a trance, protect from evil and good fortune in the future.

Death rites.

Amazonian Yanomami tribe is one of the most primitive in the world. In their view, death is not a natural phenomenon. The tribe decided to cremate the deceased person and his ashes mixed with bananas and consume to the spirit of a deceased member of the tribe continue to live among their own.


Kaningara tribe of Papua New Guinea, a very unusual practice a ritual that aims to strengthen the spiritual connection between the members of the tribe and their surroundings. One of the ritual ceremonies held in the "House of the Spirit." Teens live in seclusion at the House of the Spirit within two months. After this period of isolation, they are preparing for the initiation ceremony, which recognizes their transition to adulthood. During the ritual, the man applied punctures, splinters of bamboo. These bulges resemble crocodile skin. The people of this tribe believe that crocodiles are the creators of humans. Signs on the body symbolize the teeth marks of a crocodile that ate the boy and left a grown man.



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