Salt increases the pressure

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A study of more than 8,000 French adults found no link between salt consumption and high blood pressure.

Scientists say that sodium does not cause high blood pressure, and the relationship between them "more complex than once believed".

In the study, more than 8,600 of the French doctors tried to assess the impact of lifestyle and nutritional factors on blood pressure levels. The experts have not revealed a direct relationship between the "white death" and hypertension, but found that people with hypertension had too high salt intake. The observation results show that salt affects people differently. As noted by researchers, other factors: age, alcohol had a more close relationship with increasing pressure. Moreover, the strong influence of the body mass index.

Fruits and vegetables acted as a reducing factor. The authors decided: "Stopping weight increase should be the first target in the General population to counteract the hypertension. BMI was the main contributing to the change of BP level after multiple adjustments. Systolic blood pressure (SBP) was higher in patients with increased BMI. Alcohol consumption was positively associated with SAD in both sexes. Salt intake was not associated with a GARDEN for men and women."

Earlier, American scientists have found that salt accelerates aging by shortening telomeres, and the Swedes have set for smokers sodium – factor increasing the risk of arthritis.



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