What is the impact on sleep mobile phones

Swedish scientists claim that talking on a cell phone before bed can trigger insomnia and headaches.

In a year and a half Swedish scientists conducted experiment to find out the effect of mobile phones on human health.

For this, the group was recruited from 70 people (women and men) aged 18 to 45 years who every day before bed irradiated by signals, such as those that are present in the mobile phone. In the experiment, the participants began to complain of headaches and sleep disturbance.

Speaking of bedtime routine. Many scientists and psychologists recommend at least an hour before sleep do not watch TV, not use the phone and not to sit at the computer. Take a break from the continuous flow of information. In the end, you even half of it and do not have time to consciously think about to perform. The question arises, why then you data if you do not work with them, but only earn?
Think about your day, make conclusions, read before bed with a good book and sleep, dreaming about the good things that you probably lies ahead.

Source: www.gastronom.ru


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