Students staged the first concert with 3D-printed musical instruments + video

At Lund University (Lund University) in Sweden held the first concert, all musical instruments which has been printed on a 3D printer. Members of the group were students of the faculty of arts, music and theatre in malmö Lund University.

The author is Professor at Lund University Olaf Digel (Olaf Diegel). Since the mid 90-ies he started 3D printing, but only two years ago I started printing musical instruments, reported on the website of the University

Digel says that it can easily create for a musician with a guitar or other musical instrument of some form, which he will feel more comfortable.

"3D printing allows me to create complex shapes that cannot be made any other way. I can also tailor instruments just below each musician," says Digel.

To play at the concert, the group used two electric guitars, a drum kit and synthesizer, the design of which was invented and printed the Digel. One guitar was created in the likeness of the American flag, the second is of a bee-hive, synthesizer printed white floral pattern and a drum set – red.

"Musicians are very creative and very conservative life, so their reaction to the unusual instruments was interesting. Initially they were suspicious about the guitars from plastic. However, when the musicians began to play them, I was amazed that they sound and play like high quality guitars," said Digel.



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