Delicious marmalade from Caucasian Mimosa — dogwood

1 kg of pulp of dogwood (stoned), 1100 g sugar, 100 g glucose syrup, 15 g of liquid citric acid or powder 7.5 g glucose + 7.5 g water, 15 g liquid of citric acid, 24 g of Apple pectin.


1:10 (110g) of the sugar mixed with pectin. The flesh is warmed to 50 C and add sugar with pectin, mix well with a whisk to avoid lumps, bring to a boil and cook for 1 minute. To enter the sugar and glucose, stir and cook on medium heat to 107 C. Remove from heat and enter the citric acid immediately stir well and pour into shapes, allow to cool at room temperature for 10 hours, cut into slices, roll in sugar and store in a sealed cover.


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