12 Stretovych things to stop tolerating

Excessive tolerance can be emptied. You will not be able to live a happy, successful life, full of moral satisfaction, if You will spend all your energy on things that should not have to endure. Sometimes you should be able to stand on his own.

Here is a list of things that need to stop tolerating:

The decision to come to terms with the fact that You have mediocre people. – We are talking about that, maybe you can start all over, or you can create something much better. Sometimes you need to leave yourself at some distance, so that all can see clearly. Sometimes to grow up means to get rid of old habits, relationships, and instead to find something new, something that really makes You move forward. It's something awakens in You such a crazy zest for life that going to sleep, You are already eagerly waiting for the morning. This is the whole life.

Your own negative thinking. – Your thoughts, your mind is Your sacred world. And only You can decide either to close Windows in it and thus transform this world into darkness, or Vice versa, to open them and let in the light. Even in the most difficult situations you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. What do you usually think? How far You've gone or how far You have to go? You rather think about your strengths or weaknesses? What often can happen, the best that can be, or the worst? Pay attention to Your internal dialogue. Maybe Your thoughts is the only thing that needs to change in order to gain more happiness, more love and more success.

The negativity of other people. – You don't stop harming yourself, until you learn to appreciate and support themselves. You don't have to watch what you say or do to others, but only You can decide what they should say or do when it comes to You. Only You deny their poisonous words to impress your heart and mind. Remember, if You don't honor Your inner peace, no one else just will not do.

Unhealthy relationships. – Build up your relationships correctly. Sometimes You feel more lonely being with someone together than when You are alone. Be with people who appreciate You. You don't need many friends to be happy, just a few people, but those who appreciate You for who You are. And we're not, because someone we are not worthy, but only because finally do realize their own value.

Dishonesty. – Your inner peace and calm to rest at night, only in the case if You're not using it for their own purposes. If You manage to live a life without hypocrisy, You will maintain peace and tranquility in your thoughts, and this world is priceless. Be honest and surround yourself with the same people.

Working environment or activity that you hate. – If it seems wrong to You, do not stop at one or two areas of activity that You do without much interest. You will find it. In the end, You will definitely find what you are looking for. If You work hard, but enjoying every minute of this job, do not stop. You are on the verge of something big. If your work is your passion, then how can she be a burden?

To be disorganized and unprepared. – Wake up half an hour early, in that case You will not run headlong. These 30 minutes will help You avoid being fined for speeding, delays and other headaches. Place your order. Get rid of junk that You never use. Read the book by David Allen "getting things done" is a practical guide to restoring order.

Inaction. If You acquire knowledge, it does not mean that You get older. Growing up is when your knowledge will change Your life. Just sitting and sending thoughts out into space, You will not be able to change anything, can't move a single step forward. If You continue to do what You are doing, You'll continue to get what you get. The best time to start anything to change that now.

A chain of unfinished business. – There's nothing worse than a perpetual chain of unfinished business. Stop putting it off for tomorrow. Start to clean up your things now. If You will postpone everything until Monday, then it will only get worse.

To reflect on past mistakes and grievances. – If You think Your ship is sinking, then probably it's time to throw away stuff that pulls it to the bottom. The next time You decide to restore order in Your life, start with really useless things, such as old resentments, frustration and pain. Let them go. It is impossible to start a new page of life, all the while rereading the previous one.

The emergence of new debt. Personal debt leads to stress and heart disease. To live we must be able not only buzz, but not in vain. Don't buy junk that You don't need. Don't spend money just to impress someone. Do not deceive yourself with the thought that the most important thing in life is only material values. You have to manage money, not Vice versa. You should always live within its means.

Your reluctance to say what should be said. – Each of us in the head is my little guard dog who is always watching us. He was born and raised with our family, friends, work colleagues and society as a whole, and its sole purpose to follow us and be sure that we don't cross boundaries. And once we get used to its presence, we begin to get used to him. And it only seems right to us. But it's not, it's just other people's opinions. This guard dog is just watching us, not more. He can't control us. He won't be able to do if we decide to Express a purely personal opinion. No, we don't have to yell obscenities and act like fools. But we have to say what you need to say, and exactly when it's needed. This is perhaps the only chance to tell the truth. Tell the truth – your truth – always.


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