Portrait of Nikola Tesla, drawn with the electricity

Multimedia artist Phil Hansen loves to create his works the most unusual artists of ways. How else can you draw a portrait of the legendary scientist who has devoted himself to electricity, if not using the most electricity?

Phil has set a goal to portray Nikola Tesla using sparks from two closed wires they attached to a regular car battery. The task was not the easiest, but the result was more than worthy. We can say that we have before us a perfect example of the so-called pointillism, where the patterns created from thousands of point brush strokes of paint on canvas. The process of creating the portrait you can see in the video below.

Phil Hansen creates amazing paintings and has been for many years. On his personal website you can see incredibly complex graphical installer, which he did using a variety of scrap materials. Pictures from newspaper and book clippings, pictures of earthworms, from the words of the people who send him their stories via email and social networks. There is a portrait of Bruce Lee created with strokes smeared the paint with your palms on the wall, and a portrait of Che Guevara, written by his revolutionary utterances, and a portrait of cyclist lance Armstrong, drawn by a children's tricycle. If you are interested in this artist – be sure to check out his other projects.

Source: hi-news.ru


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