Herbs — the most ancient in the world the healing power

Herbs are the oldest in the world the healing power. How to use basic botany to improve their lives, says shaman.

Scare away the envious and detractors.

If you have not too good team, then you are constant impulses of envy and anger. To protect yourself from them by using juniper. Put on the table the juniper item. Juniper is a powerful bezogene plant. It exudes a wonderful aroma, and cleansing energy.

To improve career

Put three large beautiful Bay leaves to the North of the room. Laurel is a plant of the winners. No wonder in Ancient Greece the heroes were decorated with Laurel wreaths. And the North in the house is the area responsible for career growth. The leaves need to choose large, smooth and beautiful.

To lure the money

Some of the money plants — lavender and geranium. Put it in your purse dried flowers, and your wallet will never be empty. You can keep the money close to with bundles of lavender or pot of geraniums. A number of well put green candles.

Make the decision

Help the scents of pine and lemongrass. Aromatic oil is the soul of the plant. 2 drops of lemongrass oil and 1 drop of pine oil drip on a napkin, and put it closer — for example, to your desktop. Intuition and mental abilities worsen.

To get rid of stress, fatigue, bad luck

Cedar is a plant surgeon. It helps to cut off all superfluous and unnecessary. Take sea salt, 7 tablespoons, 5 drops of essential oil of cedar and take an aromatic bath.

In General, all conifers are good for health. If there is a sick or weakened person, hang above his bed a picture of pine, fir, cedar.

Clean apartment

If your house is often argued or went to visit a hostile and envious people — the house needs cleaning energy. Otherwise the room accumulates negative energy on the walls, exactly like under the bed collects dust. In the room where on the walls are deposited clumps of negative energy, it is hard to be starts to crack head, go power, wanton fall mood. Hence, the space needed to treat. Against negativity works very well sagebrush. Need to fumigate with smoke of this plant is walls, and all the negativity will go away. Another way to remove negativity from the home — brew 3 tablespoons of wormwood Cup boiling water, add to bucket for floor washing and wash the house.

To protect themselves from evil neighbors

Above the door you can hang a bunch of thistles. It will be your home talisman. Or wait until the full moon, take an ordinary onion, cut in half. One half to put outside the front door and the other from the outside, from the door jamb. The bow must lie exactly one day. It works like a vacuum cleaner, pulling out of the apartment all evil.

To lighten the mood

Very positive and gives strength trees from ancient times are considered to be birch. Saw a birch tree in the Park, walk up, hug her and hold them there for 5 minutes. You will notice that the strength and good humor you have added. By the way, photos of you on the background of birch trees or Apple trees, you can spread in social networks without fear that the detractors you jinxed it.
But from the aspens and poplars women should stay away, especially if the trees are old. It is believed that the trees-vampires — they take a woman's happiness.


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