15+ very things first in the world that does not fit in the head

Archaeologists are constantly finding all sorts of interesting things. I want to talk about the earliest known specimens of items that are found today.
Of course, can always find more ancient objects, so that the "very first" is, of course, conventionality.

1. The earliest evidence of drug use (2700 years old)

It is safe enough to claim that all sorts of psychotropic and narcotic substances were used as early as the Paleolithic. Finally, they are used and even animals. But direct material evidence that is not. The oldest evidence to date has been found during excavations related to the Gushi culture (Gushi) tombs of the 17th century BC in the Gobi Desert in China (Yanghai Tombs). The tomb found what today is called the jamb (if not mistaken) and Joint - curled from a cigarette of marijuana

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2. The earliest gum (5000 years). B>

Pertaining to the 25 centenary BC a piece of gum has been found in Finland. It was made from birch tar (a substance obtained by heating birch bark). As customary in such cases, the used gum stuck to the bottom surface of the furniture.
As far as I know, much later like chewing gum and was used in ancient Novgorod, it is good for oral hygiene.


3. The oldest known musical instrument (42,000 years old)

Nakhodka in 2012 in Germany Neolithic flute was a real sensation. So much so that even a few pieces of music composed for it. The flute was made from bird bones and had only four holes.


4. The oldest footwear (5500 years.) B>

Stitched leather and filled with grass "shoes" was found in 2010 during excavations in Armenia. Judging by the size, it was a female (or teenagers) shoes. In fact, it is something like a moccasin, as rigid soles do not yet know how. Apparently, footwear intensively used.


5. The oldest women's skirt (5900 years old)

At the same excavations in Armenia, where was found the oldest shoe was found as the oldest (100 years older than shoes) women's skirt. It is made of wicker was grass "fabric." The surviving remnants unfortunately did not allow us to judge about the style, but it is likely that it was a mini-skirt.


6. The oldest artificial eye (4800 years old)

Made from a mixture of animal fat resin artificial eyeball was found during excavations in Iran and owned (by the skull) women 25-30 years of age. According to analysis, artificial eyes for many years been in contact with the surrounding tissues during his lifetime.


7. The oldest popcorn (6700 years old)

In principle, I do not find this surprising. Maize is cultivated for a long time, the fire are even longer. So it was natural to connect with one another. But the Americans, the biggest fans of popcorn in the world, discovery, made in Peru, seemed quite amazing. Someone, instead of what would grind grain into flour, just put it on the hot stone and got popcorn.


8. The oldest case (4500 years old)

Why use a small, square-shaped and decorated with hundreds of dog teeth bag, found during excavations in Germany, it is not known. However, it is difficult to interpret otherwise than as a bag.


9. The oldest mattress (77,000 years). B>

Actually, only a small area of ​​a little more than palm piece was found in 2011 in South Africa. The mattress is composed of several layers of grass and bark. He was found in the construction of earth and grass that could be interpreted as a bed (bed).


10. The oldest mask (9000 years). B>

Unfortunately, the place finds the mask is not known. Carved out of stone and is suitable to be worn on the face mask comes from the Middle East and is now kept in the Holy Land Museum in Paris.


10. The oldest lens (3000 years). B>

In 1850 in the ruins of Nineveh, Austen Layard discovered the oldest known today on the lens, carved from rock crystal. The lens dates back to the 8th century BC, imeet125 mm. in diameter and 345 mm focal length. Quality focus lens up to date and it can be used like a magnifying glass, and even in a telescope. At least some of the Assyrian documents allow us to conclude that they were known to the rings of Saturn, the naked eye is not visible. (In the Assyrian tablets described Saturn as a deity, surrounded by a ring of snakes).


11. The oldest dentistry (9000 years). B>

The oldest traces of teeth with dental treatment found in the Indus Valley and are 7 millennium BC.


12. The most ancient oil (5000 years). B>

In Ireland, a former swamp in the sort of wooden pot was found by weight, which was identified as an oil. Clearly, people in northern Europe, knowing that swamp preserve organics, used them not only for the disposal of human bodies (often the bodies of people, according to the method by multiple killing, sacrificed), but also for the storage of food stocks. Such use of wetlands preserved until the late Middle Ages. But in this case it was about the oldest known sample - 3rd millennium BC Despite his age (about 5000 years) the oil was still in a certain sense, edible, although the taste is described as terrible.


13. The oldest folding knife (1800 years old)

Swiss-type refers to the 2nd century AD and is stored in the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. The knife has 6 items and suitable for carrying in a pocket.


14. The oldest music notation (3400 years old)

found in Ugarit. Deciphering clay cuneiform tablets Professor Anne Kilmer (Anne Kilmer) has revealed that it was captured not only the text of the anthem, but also the scale.


15. The oldest prosthesis (3000 years old)

found in ancient Egyptian sarcophagus with a mummy. This prosthesis is the big toe.


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