15 tips for raising children from Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

1. Make family lunch or dinner tradition. Wherever you go, whatever you do.

2. Tell us about how important it is to help others. Be an example: children do not listen to the words, they look at things.

3. Pay attention to each child. Even in those periods when no time at all, things will pass, and to hurt children and nedolyublennosti will last a lifetime.

4. Allow yourself to make mistakes. It's nothing that the kids see it, they learn that mistakes are normal, they see.

5. Keep it simple, teach children what's really important. Even little things like "what to take with you in your backpack", teach children to measure their strength and not to expect help from nowhere.

6. Develop their individuality. Children are smarter than us, they know best what they need. Don't limit them, go with them and not choose the road for them.

7. Discipline the family as a team. The rules are the same for all. If daddy can eat in front of the TV, and the baby – no, you will never be able to answer "Why?".

8. Pay attention to each other. Love children learn by watching mom and dad, and in no other way.

9. Do what seems right to you. Don't look back on the views and practices of other parents and society. It's your family.

10. Separate work and leisure. Children should be taught this.

11. No secrets! "In our house there are no secrets, we tell the truth: "Mom and dad went to kiss", yeah, they scream, "eww, yuck!", but we know that it is necessary for their correct maturation, then it will help them".

12. Don't hide what you're doing at work.

13. don't hide his frustration. Children will sense your mood, how would you not hide.

14. But not crevices on children. It is better to leave.

15. Focus on the "family". Do something together, never disregard the fact that someone can't be with you.

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