Technology, which allows laser images float in the air

Technology, presented by Burton, allows the laser images freely float in the air.

As the creators of the unique laser images, one day they can be projected in the sky and warn people of the danger. At the moment technology allows you to show the outline of the Apple, spinning spirals and fluttering butterflies. The device focuses intense laser radiation in the air, similar to how a magnifying glass concentrates sunlight into a single point.

According to Director Burton Akira Asano, "the biggest feature of our technology is that we can focus the light in one place and radiate light wherever we wanted." Engineers believe that such a device would be useful not only for advertisers but can be used for displaying alerts during major natural disasters because they can be seen day and night and they don't require screens.

Now, the technology that was presented at a science Museum in Tokyo, can display images five meters above the device.


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