26 unique photographs that you will be amazed

If you've ever seen these pictures, you can hardly refuse to look at them again, because they deserve it! Our world is full of amazing things that happen every minute around us: the earth is hard to believe that people invent and invent, be tremendous discoveries, and other interesting things which we can not even guess. Around us the world is too interesting and diverse to lose sight of that and to miss. We offer you to look at the amazing pictures and learn about reality a little more.

Eight million twenty nine thousand six hundred seventy four

40,000 LEDs illuminating the tree


Ninety eight million five hundred forty four thousand three hundred forty two

A fearless man took a photo on the background of the polar bear eats the remains of dead whale


Fifty one million four hundred fifteen thousand three hundred thirty six

Crater in an aluminum plate into which a shot was fired odnopozova coin with the orbital speed of 7 thousand meters per second


Ten million nine hundred twenty nine thousand seven hundred sixty four

Volcano eruption, view from space


Forty nine million seven hundred twenty nine thousand four hundred one

Fun bus stop in Canada


Thirty six million two hundred eighty eight thousand eight hundred ninety six

Adult lions pretend that the bites of cubs hurt them to encourage kids


Thirty four million five hundred seventy six thousand eight hundred eighty four

Pool amid floods


Ninety eight million six hundred nineteen thousand four hundred eighty eight

Guess which of these identical twins smokes for 16 years?


Twenty one million seven hundred thirty six thousand five hundred seventy five

Oasis in the Gobi desert


Seventy eight million five hundred eighty nine thousand three hundred forty four

The turnstile was broken and there were no workers who would take money


Twenty nine million seven hundred nineteen thousand nine hundred twenty one

Rapid inflation in Zimbabwe


Eighty six million forty nine thousand one hundred sixteen

Someone put a sweater on a statue of Mr. Rogers


Eighty three million five hundred seventy two thousand eight hundred sixty four

Cement shoes of a mafia victim


Thirty seven million four hundred sixty one thousand nine hundred thirty two

The view of the sun through a specific wavelength of light


Thirty nine million four hundred nineteen thousand three hundred ninety six

Transparent synth made for the music Duo Daft Punk


Forty three million two hundred ninety three thousand three hundred three

Machine for laying pavement


Seventy four million four hundred ninety eight thousand fourteen

The first photograph, taken 14 hours after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Photographer Igor Kostin took photographs of the disaster area from a helicopter measuring radiation levels. The image is somewhat blurred due to high levels of radiation


One million two hundred eighty two thousand seven hundred thirty two

The key FOB from the hybrid supercar BMW i8 which integrates the liquid crystal display that displays a lot of useful information about the condition of the car


Two million six hundred seventy three thousand two hundred ninety three

A real ocean of flowers in China


Forty one million two hundred thirty nine thousand three hundred forty

The aviary where you can hold hands with an otter


Seventy million two hundred forty three thousand one hundred eighty three

Well, you saw the portrait of Mona Lisa


Forty four million four hundred fifty nine thousand six hundred fifty seven

Cathedral with 50,000 led lights


Sixty seven million nine hundred sixty seven thousand eight hundred four

Western Sky Financial LLC provides loans in 10 thousand dollars under 89,68% per annum. That is, by taking out a loan with this company, you will have to pay approximately 52 495 dollars for 7 years!


Forty seven million one hundred fifty seven thousand one hundred twenty two

Food tray on Board the spacecraft. Magnets, clips and Velcro help to keep food and utensils in zero gravity


Twenty five million ninety seven thousand two hundred seventy

A prototype firefighter helmet


Twenty one million eight hundred twenty seven thousand five hundred eighty six

A computerized tomography at Presbyterian children's hospital, new York


Nineteen million five hundred six thousand eight hundred nineteen

Goats climb the steep rocks


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