The formula "10 of 30" You are being manipulated


The formula "10 of 30" — if you notice in the behavior/speech of your friend 10 signs of the next 30 (and they are quite stable), you probably positioner:

Sixty seven million four hundred forty four thousand four hundred sixty six

1. Accuses others do ( uninvited and detailed stories about a rough childhood, or, conversely, dramatic hints about the same)

2. Shifts the responsibility ( the story about how his somewhere thrown, framed, cheated, betrayed)

3. Does not speak directly about their desires, requests, intentions ("his whole appearance shows that...»)

4. Often gives vague answers ("Yes, something like that" "look»)

5. Rationalizarea and brings a "logical basis" for their own queries ("any person required", "what can you expect from a girl who not even...»)

6. Trying to make you believe that you are perfect, and it would be nice to always stay like this to not change, to always able to find a way to be positive, to enjoy my views and so and so.

7. Indirect expresses doubt in others, praises and criticizes at the same time (see the formula "Yes, but..."mentions about the achievements of the person and immediately makes it clear that in them was something fishy "She did a great job, she did a wonderful technician with the boss she has a very close relationship»)

8. Triangulating quietly makes other to convey messages about his person

9. Trying to embroil, to make a quarrel ("I think your friend is laughing at me", "I don't understand why they take me in arms»)

10. Playing the victim, verbal exaggerates the negative result ("terminally ill", "crashed the car" (the car scratch))

11. Skips a deaf ear to the requests/queries, though he said that certainly will take care of it

12. Appeals to "moral principles" to justify their own queries ("mercy", "law", freedom, respect)

13. Indirect threats or blackmail ("we'll probably have some time apart" "I need time to think about our relationship»)

14. Abruptly changing the subject, does it not once (this symptom suggests that he gets tired quickly communication, is bored and cannot stand boredom)

15. Lays and protactinium everything that is somehow connected with your meetings, collaborative time, cancels appointments at the last moment

16. Detects superficial knowledge, but tries to present them with aplomb. Presupposes that the other person less informed.

17. Lies

18. Trying to figure out the truth through falsification, exaggeration, inappropriate interpretations (i.e. pushes in advance improbable hypothesis of what happened with the goal that the person was forced to prove the opposite, providing the real facts)

19. Self-centered (=strange and inappropriate bragging, especially about sexual achievements)

20. Jealous and suspicious

21. The rejection of criticism and denial of the obvious (as a rule, becomes aggressive, directly or indirectly (passive aggression, revenge izpodtishka))

22. Late, not returning my calls, "forget", "no time»

23. Postpones until the last moment to the important request message, i.e., trying to surprise and draw you into the solution to their problems

24. "Disconnect" verbal behavior and appearance, manners; outrageous.

25. Flatters, makes it inappropriate for the price and Messico gifts

26. Causes you feeling of lack of freedom (melancholy mood after talking)

27. Brand skillfully and effectively solves their problems, but at the expense of others

28. Offers us or trying to get us to go against our rules or security rules (for example, under the guise of "adventure" invites you to water skiing, knowing you can't swim)

29. He is constantly the center of attention, topic of discussion and conflicting opinions

30. He has several "roles" that he plays to those or other people ("loving son", "daredevil and a bully" and "model employee»)



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